Abenity Terms & Conditions

Abenity, Inc.

Abenity Recommendation Terms

By filling out and submitting the "Recommend Abenity to Your Organization" referral form, you agree to the following rules and conditions:

  • The recommendation program is open to Abenity clients, employees (excluding the sales staff), and the general public.
  • The recommended organization must become a paying Abenity client within 180 days of the date of referrer’s submission for you to be eligible to receive a VISA gift card from Abenity.
  • All recommendations must be submitted to Abenity online at http://www.abenity.com/recommend to qualify the referrer for a $50 or $150 VISA gift card from Abenity.
  • Referrer qualifies for a $150 Visa Gift Card for the referral of any Abenity Basic or Abenity Managed program and a $50 Visa Gift Card for the referral of an Abenity Small Business program.
  • To be a valid referral, the recommended organization may not be a current Abenity client.
  • You cannot submit yourself as the recommended contact at your organization as a referral.
  • If different recommendations are submitted for the same organization, then the first recommendation received will qualify for the VISA gift card from Abenity. Sharing ownership of recommendations is not permitted.
  • By submitting a recommendation you are responsible for complying with the rules and procedures set forth by your organization. Abenity is not responsible for disputes arising between organizations and their employees, members, or customers as a result of the Abenity referral program.
  • Once the organization you recommend signs up for Abenity and their initial payment is received, Abenity will contact you for your mailing address and will mail a $50 Visa Gift Card or $150 Visa gift card within 30 days of your recommended organization’s purchase date.
  • Abenity reserves the right to change the referral program’s rules and conditions at its discretion.


Abenity will not sell or disclose the names, email, or any other information gathered from the Abenity Referral Program to 3rd parties. All information collected from the referral program will be kept confidential.